Tree Care Services And Their Importance For A Healthy Tree


Light pruning and the removal of dead wood can be done to maintain the shape and beauty of the tree at anytime of the year. Winter is a period of dormancy for the trees. Pruning at this stage triggers a burst of new growth during spring. This should be done after the completion of the coldest part of winter. Summer is the period when the seasonal growth gets over. If you wish to slow the growth of any branch and direct the growth or “dwarf” the growth of a tree or branch, summer is the best season to do that. Corrections of defective limbs can also be done. Pruning to increase flowering of trees that bloom in spring should be done when flowers fade. Trees that flower in summer should be pruned in winter or spring.

Stump Grinding

If the stump is left behind after tree removal in your landscape, it will really spoil the look of the garden which would be tidy and maintained. By grinding the stump, it will give a new look and also future landscape design can be planned. A stump-grinder chews stump wood down deeper than the ground level so that stump does not re-sprout giving out small sprouts all over its perimeter. These will turn in to branches and you will need to cut them down again and again until the tree exhausts its energy reserves. This takes a long time. It may also attract pests and insects. If fungal attack occurs, it may even spread to the other trees in the garden. Instead, the stump can be ground and a wood chip mulch can be made.

Root Pruning

Root pruning is a process of trimming the roots when a tree is uprooted for transplanting or for saving it from damage due to construction. A tree is dependent on the root ball which has feeder roots. These roots supply nutrients and water that help the tree continue to sustain itself during transplantation. Root pruning encourages the development of feeder roots. The long anchor roots are cut off and only the feeder roots near the drip line are allowed to grow. The exposed fine roots are preserved or covered with burlap and sprayed with water or water-holding gel to prevent desiccation. Root pruning never damages the tree but gives some stress to it. The tree should be given some time to recover before digging. So root pruning must be done one year before digging and transplanting.

Consulting Services for Tree Care

Aztec Tree Service is the most trusted Tree Care Service at San Francisco Bay Area which is providing consultation services for your trees. The expert team of dedicated arborists will inspect your trees, provide advice and take action to improve their overall health. We inspect the roots, shoots, branches, leaves, and every part of the tree and check if there are any factors that affect the health of the tree. We serve you with our friendly and experienced staff who use the latest equipments available in various sizes. The services will be done perfectly which will give utmost beauty and safety to your landscape.

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