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How To Remove A Tree Stump Using A Stump Grinding Machine?

When you cut a tree, after removing all the pieces of the tree from its place, the sturdy stump will be left behind. What is stump grinding? How is it done? Which is the best tree stump removal company in San Francisco Bay Area? Keep reading to know the answers.

A stump grinding machine is a power equipment which is designed to be used in removal of tree stumps. The machine has a sharp cutting wheel which spins at high speed. One can grind away the stump even below the ground level. The spinning disk will turn the wood in to wood chips which can easily be cleaned up using some tools. Some of these machines are small enough to just fit on a small box trailer and some others may need to be towed using heavy vehicles. Arborists use these machines to remove the tree
stumps left after the cutting of large trees from a property. A property owner may wish to remove the stump in order to create space to build new building or for creating some artistic outdoor spaces. A stump grinder comprises of a cutting wheel with sharp carbide teeth. The operator controls the cutter wheel using
hydraulic controls present around the handles on larger machines or simply by hand movements on smaller machines.

Stump Grinding Procedure

Step 1: Dirt, debris and rocks must be cleared away from the tree stump.

Step 2: The stump should be cut to the desired level. Ground-level is ideal.

Step 3: The stump grinder wheel must be placed a few inches above the stump and turned on.

Step 4: The stump grinder must be lowered for about 3 inches and then using the lever, it should be moved from side to side.

Step 5: The stump grinder must be used to grind it down to 4 inches and then repeated until the entire perimeter is 4 inches below the ground level.

Step 6: The remnant wood chips should be put in to the hole of the stump and covered with topsoil and/or grass.

The Best Tree Service Company In San Francisco Bay Area

At Aztec Tree Service, San Francisco, we provide professional stump grinding or stump removal services. Being operated by experienced arborists and technicians, we assure you highest quality of service. We are always ready to help you to beautify your lawn space or eliminate the stump blocking the project area. Our grinding machines are capable of taking down very large stumps to very small ones. We also provide cutting and consultation services for your trees. Our dedicated arborists provide excellent services to maintain the health of your trees throughout the year. Right from the moment of receiving a call till the completion of the project, we work to provide the most valuable and perfect services to our clients.

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