Which Tree Service Company Provides Best Tree Pruning Service Near Me?

If that is your question, then first you should know about the different aspects of tree pruning and their significance in improving the health, structure, and aesthetics of trees.  An ideal company must provide these services at an affordable tree pruning cost!

Tree Pruning Service

Removal Of Dead, Diseased, Or Hazardous Branches and Thinning:

The dead, diseased and hazardous branches must be removed in order to prevent insects and pathogens like fungi from entering the tree.  Crown Thinning and dense branch thinning must be done to allow more light and air to enter through the crown.  Suckers and water sprouts must be pruned to get rid of weak wood.  Crossing branches must be cut to prevent damage caused due to rubbing with each other.

Clearance For Buildings, Vehicles, Pedestrians And Utility Service Lines:

Safety hazards can be prevented by pruning or cutting low growing branches which may break and fall down due to storm damage on sidewalk or driveway.  Crossing and rubbing branches should be eliminated as they over extend and may break during storms or snowfalls.  Branches interfering with power lines, cable lines and telephone lines should be cut off as they may cause great hazard and accidents to the pedestrians, vehicles and buildings.   Tree branches close to a roof can also be cut off as they block the sunlight and allow small animals like squirrels to get in to your attic.

Structural Pruning:

Pruning will be done regularly and the cuts will be very small, leaving insignificant wounds.  This prevents the branches and stems from growing larger than the desired length.  Young trees are best suitable for structural pruning. The branch diameter and trunk diameter have to be maintained in correct proportion which is called aspect ratio.  Structural pruning is not suitable to be manifested on medium-aged and mature trees because the trunk and branch structures have already been established.

Restorative Pruning:

Long-neglected trees may simply die of disease.  But if they are alive, they may be very tall and so pruning is a very risky job.  “Restorative pruning” is the technique of bringing old, too tall and neglected trees back to a productive and manageable state.

Fruit Tree Pruning:

This process of pruning involves cutting and removing parts of a fruit tree in a selective manner to improve the health, size and quality of the fruits. The unproductive stems and marked out diseases are highlighted.  The targeted sections are pruned.  Rotten fruits will also be removed as these may have been infected with fungus and may spread it to other fruits.  These steps increase better quality and productivity of fruits.

The Best Tree Pruning Service Near You In San Francisco Bay Area:

It is none other than the leader in this field for over a decade, Aztec Tree Service.  Several residents of the San Francisco Bay Area are very much satisfied with our service.  We provide pruning services for each part of the tree including the roots.  Along with this we also provide stump grinding services and consultancy services.  Our Certified Arborists are experienced and equipped with all the modern tools and technologies to take care of your whole lawn area along with the trees!  Hope, now you are very eager to avail our tree care services.

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