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Experience the benefits of expert and dedicated tree consultants

Experience the benefits of expert and dedicated tree consultants Aztec Tree Service may be asked to consult on the overall health of a customer's landscape or on a single tree. After talking to property owner about the situation, here are some of the things we will look for during our inspection of your property:

  • Roots - We’ll inspect your property and tell you if roots threaten your foundation or driveway, make you aware if roots run under an area where new construction projects are planned, and let you know if yard projects have already caused damage to a tree’s roots. Whatever the case, Aztec Tree Service will help you decide on the best course of action to avoid or repair damage to a tree’s root system.
  • Deadwood - We look for deadwood, any part of a tree that has died. It normally appears as dry, brittle branches, areas that have missing bark, branches that hold on to dead leaves when the remainder of the tree has shed its leaves for the season, or trees that do not grow leaves or needles. Deadwood often gives insects and/or microbes a place to make their home, causing further damage to the tree. Deadwood should only be removed by a tree service professional.
  • Weak Unions - Weak Unions happen when two trees take root close together and then grow forming what appears like a single trunk. Where the two trees meet is the point that trunks may have a weak spot. Aztec Tree Service can recommend trimming to optimize wind mitigation, support options or both.
  • Soil Condition - We’ll perform a thorough soil analysis that will tell us not only if your soil needs to be fertilized, but what kind of fertilizer should be used.
  • Girdling - Young trees are often braced when they are planted and sometimes left to grow with these braces still in place. This can cause girdling of the tree. Other girdling risks include barb wire, tethers, pet tie-outs and fencing.

When consulting is asked for on a specific tree, we will look for the following:

  • Leaf Chlorosis
  • Leaf Scorch
  • Wilting
  • Defoliation
  • Dieback
  • Epicormic Shoots
  • Decline
  • Cankers
  • Poor Tree Structure

What may appear to be a problem may turn out to be normal for a specific tree type. Our certified arborists have the experience to assist you in making the best decision regarding your tree and yard. If one or more of your trees need some extra care or actually needs to be removed, Aztec Tree Service can handle the situation for you.

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